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Blinger® started with... a dream!

In 2014, the idea for Blinger came to me in a dream.  In my dream, I was borrowing a girl's flat iron to straighten my hair.  But each time I squeezed it together, it put crystals in my hair.  How cool! Immediately I started working on the idea. Then a few weeks later I had another dream. This time it was with God and He said, "I want you to make this product." 

Why He chose me, I don't know, but I was determined to answer His call. I started out on what would become a tough 4-year journey, taking me and my four children through several failed attempts and over countless roadblocks. It was a difficult time, but I felt in my heart that one day I would get there and make my dream a reality. I kept pushing, working and mostly believing until finally, the fifth engineering firm I hired, produced a viable working prototype of my idea.

Around that time, we were looking to move and buy a new home, when I had a thought. I went to my greatest supporters, my children, and asked them how they would feel if we sold our home and instead of buying a new home, we would rent an apartment for a year or so and I would build the tool in China myself to make Blinger. (A tool can mass produce products like mine - my children knew all these terms by this point!) I had tried for years to find investors and no one was interested in my idea and with all of our savings gone and now I was in huge debt from all the past design failures, this seemed like the only way to make Blinger happen. At first, my children looked at me like I had 3 heads, but then my oldest, Cambria, said, "You've got to do it Mom." So we did! I sold our home, and half of our belongings, rented a townhome, and used the money to build the tool and manufacture the product.  

Then, just 2 days before a Women In Toys (WIT) event and the Dallas Toy Fair, where I had signed up to present my product to all the retailers, my first 100 Blingers arrived to my hotel room in Dallas. It was so close - I hugged that FedEx man! I went to the WIT conference where I had the life-changing opportunity to pitch several toy companies and Walmart. I didn't know then if anyone would even like my product, let alone want to buy it. Everyone loved it! Blinger was the talk of the show - it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

I ended up partnering with a wonderful toy company (they could do in weeks what would take me and my one other employee, Kimmie, years to do) Wicked Cool Toys. They have now distributed Blinger all over the world.  

Now we're about to debut Bijou®, the women's version of Blinger, that will come with Swarovski® crystals and be sold exclusively in salons and select retailers.

I'm so proud and very humbled by all that's happened. To be here finally, bringing my product to life, is so fulfilling and surreal. I just want all girls and women to shine brightly and to feel confident in who God created them to be - maybe a little sparkle CAN make a difference. 

Thank you for being part of my journey, and my dream!
Angie Cella
Chief Dreamer and Inventor of Blinger® and Bijou®

Here's a little video I did with my children at our old home that we sold in order to make Blinger for you. 
I hope you like it! 

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